All-Russian Conference of Young Scientists «Innovative Development of the Bioeconomy of Territories and Problems of Environmental Quality Management»

November 24, 2017

Program Committee

Chairman of the Program Committee:

Alexander Prosekov – Doctor of Sciences (Engineering), RAS professor, Rector of KemSU

Co-Chairs of the Program Committee:

Olga Babich – Doctor of Sciences (Engineering), Vice-rector for Science and Innovations

Sergey Vysotskiy - Head of the Department of Natural Resources and Ecology of the Kemerovo Region,

Adam Martynovich – Doctor of Sciences (Engineering), professor, Head of the Department of Environmental Management, Biological Institute, National Research Tomsk State University.

Galina Mekush – Doctor of Sciences (Economics), professor, Head of the Department of General and Regional Economics, Institute of Economics and Management, KemSU

Yuri Manakov - Head of the Laboratory of Industrial Botany of the Kuzbass Botanical Garden of the Institute of Human Ecology of the Federal Research Center for Coal and Coal Chemistry of the SB RAS

Anton Silinin – Candidate of Sciences, CEO of Kuzbass Technopark

Olga Neverova – Doctor of Sciences, professor, director of the Institute of Biology, Ecology and Natural Resources KemSU

Irina Sannikova – Chairman of the Khakass Republican Branch of the RGO, Deputy Director for Development of the State Nature Reserve "Khakassiy", Member of the Council of the Public Chamber of the Republic of Khakassia, Executive Director of the National Fund for Support of the Reserves "Strana Zapovednaya".