All-Russian Conference of Young Scientists «Innovative Development of the Bioeconomy of Territories and Problems of Environmental Quality Management»

November 24, 2017


Results of the Conference

Materials of the all-Russian conference of young scientists

The November 24, Kemerovo State University has realized conference "The innovative development of bioeconomy and problems of management of environmental quality", which has brought together 300 participants.

Rector of Kemerovo State University Alexander Y. Prosekov said that food security is one of the global problem of modern society today. Also the rector of Kemerovo State University has said "The main indicator of the sector is hunger. 650 million people (11 % of the population) are starving. We don't have to associate this problem only with Africa. Humanity produces more food than consumes. The Hunger is problem of logistics and inequality of reproduction of population".

Today, the Biotechnology University, as part of the overarching University of Kuzbass solves the main questions like individual nutrition, alternative sources of raw materials – the market of food and feed protein, consisting of points farming.

According to experts, the success of the region depends on sensible management of the territory. At the conference in Kemerovo State University have been presented innovative solutions of recultivation in Novokuznetsk district. Particular, hotels and cinema can appear in the send pits from coal mines in the future. The authors of the ideas were deputies, business representatives and initiative citizens, who have taken part in Novokuznetsk business games.

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Chairman of the Organizing Committee:
Galina Mekush – Doctor of Sciences (Economics), professor, Head of the Department of General and Regional Economics, Institute of Economics and Management, KemSU

Scientific Secretary of the Organizing Committee:
Anna Antonova, Candidate of Sciences (Economics)